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All little boys like to draw and some of us never grow up.
My favorite Artists...

Jack Davis

Norman Rockwell

Drew Struzan

Walt Disney

Charles Schulz

Theodor Seuss Geisel ( Dr.. Suess)

Mort Drucker


"¿qué pasa amigo"



About Me...

I work for the Federal Government and for fun I draw while I listen to my favorite classical music. Sometimes local schools hire me to teach cartooning to the students.

This drawing stuff started back in the early 1960's.

Bill Murray


First off my dad was a Marine, so I am half human. Then along came the step, the Navy Chief Petty Officer, my brother joined the Army.

As for me I wanted to be a cartoonist so i wound up as a "Kevin".

I have regretted numerous times not joining the beloved Corps. At a very young age my son once said, that if I had joined the Marine Corps I wouldn't have married mom and not met him, and we are best friends. Enough said!!




Growing up

I spent a lot of time by myself and there wasn't any video games about, and the TV was in black & and white. I would come home from school and watch "The Lone Ranger, Looney Tunes, and The Three Stooges" every afternoon. I purchased a lot of Mad magazines. Life wasn't much fun as a child because the home was ran like the Department of the Navy so my escape was a blank piece of paper and a #2 pencil...



By the time I was the ripe old age of 16 I had gone to 16 different schools because of the transferring from one Naval Air Station to another. I remember one place only being there 3 months so you really overcome the fear of talking to complete strangers. You have to if you want to make a friend or two. However the cartooning was my world.



Once upon a time when I was a little goofy kid my step~dad discovered my horde of drawings and quickly said "What is this?" I told him my drawings... he replied "We don't need this!!" and threw them all away. From that moment on I hid all my drawings and would sneak around and look at them from time to time and then hide them again. I don't think that old man ever knew I could draw until I was and adult and out of the house. ha.

Cartooning was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the drawings and have the time of my life.


The Brave Amercian Confederate Army invading the state of Maryland 4–20, 1862

Art School

The only Art Institute I ever attended was a white Chevy station wagon, and we would be moving. Mom and step~dad would be up front smoking cigarettes and talking about junk. My desk was a clipboard sat right behind the driver, and I was drawing cartoons until I was cross-eyed. To my right was my little step~sister playing with a doll. My older brother was way in the back of that station wagon collecting farts.



Cartoon of a "Housewife" which was a homemade sewing kit for repairs.

The Takeaway

As a child I spent a lot of time alone...however I wasn't really alone because I learned to pray, and I had a very large imagination. I discovered to never be afraid to sit awhile and think, I still do it often.

One of my biggest turning points was when I lost the fear of making mistakes.

A man must know his destiny… if he does not recognize it, then he is lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most, three times, God will reach out and tap a man on the shoulder… if he has the imagination, he will turn around and God will point out to him what fork in the road he should take, if he has got the innards, he will take it.



Kevin King