“Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.”

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Worrying is healthy?

You know what I think worrying actually works, and is healthy.  Yes, 95% of everything i have ever worried about has never happened.
Worrying is often triggered by wanting to make the perfect choice or by trying to maximize everything. 
Oh dear i am Guilty! 
For example,  when buying a used car, you want one that is cheap, reliable, safe, sexy, the right color, and fuel efficient. Right? Especially sexy.
Unfortunately, no single option is likely to be the best in all those dimensions. Oh well...
If i try to have the best of everything, most likely I will be paralyzed by indecision or dissatisfied with my choice. In fact, this kind of “maximizing” has been proven to increase depression. The last thing i need right now.

So don’t try to make the most amazing dinner; start out by just making a good dinner. Don’t try to be the perfect parent; just be a good one. Don’t try to be your happiest; just be happy.
Take it easy.
So get out there and be good almost.